Against All Odds

Odds are Seriously Against You if You Like to Gamble During Elections

It is nearly impossible to beat the bookies, but if you have big money running on the game, you will find yourself some opportunities in the Cork constituencies during the Election 2016.

Unless they have hold a small fortune, you won’t be seeing supporters putting their hard-earned money on some politicians offered at very unsporting odds. It is the bookies who would be the winners.

The betting houses can also be seen playing safe along with Simon Coveney, who is the Fine Gael minister for agriculture. Even though there is tough competition in Cork South Central, he’s another unbeatable 1/50 with Paddy Power, and 1/20 with Boyle.

against all odds

It is interesting to note that Micheál Martin stands at 1/10 and 1/9, respectively, with the same bookmakers. And they are offering 1/5 and 1/7 on another big vote catcher who is Michael McGrath. McGrath trumping the leader has no odds available for him but then again you should ask both bookies.

City constituencies also do not offer much hope for the ordinary customer, although the story is different in the rural county.

The odds seem to be on Rachel McCarthy, who is one of the best flutters and also a Sinn Féin county councillor running in Cork South West. This young mother, who is based out of Bandon is running a battle royal for the third and final seat.

Ms McCarty, along with other Bandon locals, Margaret Murphy-O’Mahony and Gillian Powell, are all hoping to become the first ever female TD to be elected in the constituency.

You’ll be able to hear political pundits say in surprise that it is difficult to believe that the SF Dáil hopeful was quoted at 25/1. A much less 14/1 is put on the table by Boyle. In any case, this is still worth our money.

The same constituency shows how the bookies are working very well except when we talk about outgoing Labour TD, Michael McCarthy. He has been quoted by Powers at 7/1, but the odds are shortened to a 4/1 by Boyle Sports.

Jim Daly sees zero point in betting, in Cork South West. This will not apply when you happen to have professional gambler Barney Curley backing the Fine Gael TD. Bookies all have him at 20-1.

A slightly better proposition, is Noel Harrington, who is the party’s second outgoing TD. He is at odds of 8-1 on and 7-1.

The actual lottery follows after that, in the form of Margaret Murphy-O’Mahony, who is at 8/15 and 8/13. She is being compared to another favourite, Cllr Alan Coleman (Ind). Coleman stands at 11/10 and 6/5. Michael Collins, who is fighting independently, his first Dáil election, has also shaken the bookies who are now only offering 11/8 and 5/4. He stands as the main test to FG’s Harrington, who is in the west of the constituency.

Just as most of us expected, outgoing TD Michael Creed (FG), stands at very short odds of 10-1, in the three-seater Cork North-West, with Deputy Michael Moynihan (FF) at 8-1, and 7-1 on.