Harriers vs. Macclesfield

Harriers vs. Macclesfield – The Odds of Betting

We witnessed Kidderminster Harriers welcoming Macclesfield Town on Saturday and the visitors are none other than Bet365's 11/10 favourites to win.


Websites like BetVictor.com, put Harriers at 5/2. What an absolutely correct score market does is give the clients a fair chance to back several outcomes at decent prices while they still have a good chance at winning. And that stands so even when the chances for majority of the bets is to lose just as they have had an unfortunate tendency to do in the past.

For example, let us assume that you've backed the draw (13/5, Skybet) so as to use it as a form of insurance, enhancing a bet like this with a choice of scores that are correct could pay dividends for you.

It is unlikely that the result would be without a goal, but when you are backing a 2-2 draw which is priced at 14/1 by a website like Winner.com, it must be understood that the same is not the course taken by a gambler who is desperate and is running after odds that are outrageous. The game will work very differently for him. When you stand by either side of this, it effectively hedges the bet, with the most obvious being a 1-1 outcome which is offered at 11/2 by Paddy Power.


In the same way a 2-1 home win (8/1, Ladbrokes) is definitely not something you cannot ask about, and neither is a 2-1 away victory (19/2, William Hill).

What happens here is that in place of putting, let us say for instance, £20 on a 2-2 result, putting £5 on all four results makes sure that, even if an outcome that is shortest-priced (11/2) comes up, you will still see the punter delighting in a 37% profit, that clears £7.50 on top of his £20 stake, which is good news.

At the same time, what we see as an 'exclusive' for this column, there have been so many responses that have been mailed to us from more than a dozen bookmakers in the course of this week that we don’t know where to look anymore. What they put forward is that less than twenty people nationwide stood to actually support Leicester City in the beginning of the season at (the now) widely-publicised odds of 5,000/1 which is to be crowned Premier League champions.

Adding to that, there were only a handful of bookies that offered those 5,000/1 odds, although we can see most of them are hovering around the Foxes' current 9/4 price (Stan James). It is not an everyday thing to see changes in price that are so drastic, and it is indeed a rare sight to the tired eyes, as is backing a possible 5,000/1 outcome with more than a fiver. Although we see millions of punters every week, putting smaller stakes in comparison on treble while the accumulator bets are at attractively long odds, which is a characteristic of fixed odds.